Looking for a counsellor for your Employee Assistance Program?

Whether you need mediation, therapy, or help with trauma in the workplace Peter Hunt Counselling can help your employees to a brighter future.

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We specialise in Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) for businesses and organisations.

What does this mean?  In any workplace there will be times when professional assistance is needed.  At these times- often management will be at a loss as to what to do next.

Peter Hunt Counselling Service can assist you:

When there has been a critical incident –

We can offer debriefing and counselling (group or individual, tailored to your needs)

When there is misunderstanding or conflict within the business

Whether it is between employees, between management and employee/s, or others – we can offer conflict resolution / mediation.

If you have an employee who is not coping or you are concerned for their welfare…

You may choose to fund some sessions to assist them or simply offer them our phone number so that they have the option of seeking out help.

When you don’t quite know where your business is going –

And you need assistance with looking at the structure or reorganisation – we can offer workplace review and brainstorming to find better solutions

Peter Hunt Counselling can be your preferred EAP Service in times of need.

You do not need a contract for this service.

You simply place Peter Hunt Counselling Service Contact detail into your Polices so that when the need arises, you contact us and we assist in a way that best suits your business and the situation at hand.

Feel free to ring and discuss this with us at any time or if you would like more details.

Get in touch to book now or enquire about our services.

We are discreet and non-judgemental. We welcome everyone. If you leave us your details and your preferred day, we will get back to you to confirm your appointment.