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Peter Hunt Counsellor Mildura

About Peter

I am a Counsellor in private practice in remote North West Victoria, Mildura. I grew up on a dairy/wheat farm and also owned my own vineyard for 10 years before beginning counselling. I went on to do six years of study for my counselling qualifications.

I work in my own private practice where I deal with a wide cross-section of areas involving individuals, couples, families, and businesses, community groups and organisations.

Mildura is a relatively isolated area and so over the years I have become a good generalist enjoying my work and finding great reward. My farming background puts me in good stead with many of the clients who are on the land as they can relate to me and I can understand their problems from first hand experience. I particularly enjoy working with individuals and couples who struggle with making sense of their predicament and facilitating their way to more successful outcomes.

Carolyn Hunt

About Carolyn

Although I am the primary provider for this service and have had training and extensive experience in the delivery my services I work in conjunction with my wife Carolyn.

Carolyn has a Bachelor of Business and a graduate diploma of teaching and assists in the areas of workplace issues/ dynamics, financial and legal issues as well as career counselling and training. Carolyn has some training and experience in the area of counselling and this is invaluable in the intake of clients and give our clients the comfort of knowing that both Carolyn and I work as a team to assist them in their journey.

Carolyn is the person who you will first speak with on the phone or if you make an enquiry. Carolyn makes all the appointments and goes out of her way to assist making your counselling experience as easy as possible.

Peter and Carolyn have four children and one grandchild.
  • Over 20 years’ counselling experience in a variety of settings with adults and children, including Organisations, Businesses, Social Services, Education, and Private Practice.
  • Major provider for critical incident debriefing and counselling in the Mildura district
Code of Ethics and Practice

As a Member of Australian Community Workers Association,  I am bound by its Code of Ethics and Practice. I am committed to continuous professional development and regular consultative supervision.

The way I work

I am experienced in Counselling using an integrative approach suited to the individual client needs. My referrals come from self-referrals,  Doctors, complementary therapists, corporate health care, insurance companies, employee counselling schemes and other agencies.

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* Clients do not need a referral – however Work Cover clients do need a referral from their doctor. Unfortunately our service is not covered under the Mental Health Program and fees are not covered under Medicare.  However our fees are reasonable.